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Snack Music - Time For A Snack!
All the latest news from Snack Music – 12 Dec 2018
Our Christmas Gift To You

Merry Christmas! From each of us to each of you, we wish you a blessed and meaningful Christmas season as we thank God for 2018.

We have a gift for you. You might be familiar with our Mini CD You're A Star! as we have produced 15000 copies over the years (and only one big box full remains in the shed).

The mini CD has lost much of its value since it requires a laptop or computer (no iPad) with a CD or DVD drive that has a tray for the disc to sit in (no Apple). So we are discontinuing the product, but would love to give you as many copies as you can make use of. We'll even cover the cost of the postage to you - just reply email or call us! Minimum quantity of 50.

You're A Star!
Our Team is Growing

We'll soon be welcoming some new Snackers onto the team and we're still looking for others to join us in a variety of admin, performing and coordinating roles.

We're currently advertising a paid role alongside our volunteer opportunities.

Snack positions available

Do you know someone who might be a great fit for our team? Could this be the most exciting thing for them in 2019? Encourage them to have a look!

Listen to Snack Online

Snack were heard for 567 minutes on Spotify this year. Find us on iTunes, Spotify and most other music services and enjoy some Snack over your holidays. Merry Christmas!

Thanks for your ongoing support!

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