What We Do

Snack performs at kids programs, churches, community events and more, with performances ranging from five minutes to an hour as requested. Fill out our expression of interest form if you'd like to discuss how we can serve your community.

We usually perform as a four or five piece band, but can also do smaller gigs. We charge a fee of approximately $300 - 800 to enable our ministry, with various discounts, extra charges and offsets to be negotiated around your budget, the size and length of what we contribute, travel costs, etc. We never want finances to be a barrier.

Our Sets

Click on each to see some information about the different themes and song choices we have on offer.

This classic set of Snack songs begins (and ends) with God's love for us all - that each of us is a "Star in God's Eyes." God made everything, God made people, God wonderfully and lovingly made each one of us, God loves us no matter what, and God's love goes On & On forever. It's a great introduction to the core Christian story for a non-churched audience. We'll introduce the character of Jesus as miracle worker, as God's son, and as someone who wants to be our friend, then read Lost Sheep's telling of Jesus inviting Peter the Fisherman to follow him. We are all welcome to be Jesus' friend!

The Snack team find some invitations, then explore the various things you do to get ready for a party. Along the way, this party-flavoured set can incorporate a party game, an air guitar competition, a message that we're all welcome just as we are and a story about Jesus welcoming little children. The central song tells the parable of the banquet from Luke 14, and we start and end with "You Are Welcome".

God made us, knows us deeply, and loves us more than we can ever imagine. We'll talk about farmers, shepherds, sheep, and how they really know each other. We'll play a fun game show with Tony the sheep, we'll read Cecil the Lost Sheep as we explore how deeply God knows and loves us, we'll introduce Jesus, and we'll start and end with 'Thank You God For Loving Me' as a response to God's love.

This set explores God's Big Story with a focus on several interesting stories from the Bible, including Jonah, Jesus' miracles, Creation in Genesis 1, Zaccheus... and several other short bible verses and references scattered throughout. It's best suited to a group that gathers together regularly, so there's space to explore those stories in greater depth before and after your Snack event.

Christmas means so many things to so many people... family, food, snow, parties, holidays, carols, Santa and especially... presents! In this Christmas set, Snack shares that Jesus is the greatest present ever and that this gift is for everyone: whoever you are and whatever you've done, each one of us is special and loved by God and can choose to receive the gift of Jesus and his love for each one of us. We'll connect some Christmas icons with the real meaning of Christmas and add depth to some of the extra bits that happen in contemporary 'festive season' culture. Help to decorate a tree, join in with games and songs and enjoy competitions as you celebrate Christmas with Snack.

For contexts where we don't have the attention of a captive group, but rather providing some energetic live background music. Not much talking between songs other than to invite people to hang around, join in, find out more.

Light Snack Regular Meal Full Banquet Smörgåsbord
Light Snack
  • Vocalists with backing tracks OR vocalist with guitar / keyboard
  • One game or story
  • 30 minute performance (1x30 or 2x15)
  • 1 prize giveaway
  • Regular Meal
  • Live music
  • Full band (4-6)
  • One game or story
  • 30-40 minute performance (1x30 or 2x15)
  • 2 prize giveaways
  • Full Banquet
  • Live music
  • Full band (4-6)
  • Game and story
  • 60 minute performance (can be divided into two sets)
  • 3+ prize giveaways
  • Smörgåsbord
  • Live music
  • Two 30-40 minute performances
  • Full band (4-6)
  • Game and/or story at each event
  • 5+ prize giveaways

  • Here's a preview of what a Snack gig can look like: