What We Do

We can provide training for you and your team, in areas of ministry with children, using music and engaging groups from upfront. We are regularly involved in conferences and training events around Australia, check our upcoming gigs page for opportunities.

You can also check out our range of training videos and downloads online.

Sessions That we Offer

Starting Out with Music

If you've never used music with children or you've been doing it since children were invented, no matter how many musical bones there are in your body, this workshop will help you through the basics as well as giving you a few new tips.

Music for the Unmusical

Gain confidence to use music with children, even if you would describe yourself as 'unmusical'. How to present an enjoyable music experience using backing tracks.

Music with Snack (Learn Some Songs & Actions)

Learn some of Snack's songs (with actions) including their newest releases. Plus a chance to pick Snack's brains with any questions you have about kids music. This elective is gluten free.

Using Music with Kids Who Don't Yet Know God

The songs we use with children need to reflect the context we're in. Come along to think about what to do when using songs in schools, beach missions and holiday programs.

Making Music an Effective Part of Your Ministry

How can you move beyond simply singing a song at the start of every program? Discuss ways to make music interactive, ways to integrate music into your whole program, how to utilise a team to connect with kids of all ages and styles, and how to lead songs well.

Growing Faith through Music

Discuss why we use music, how it can help grow children's faith, learn some of Snack's songs, how to get the most out of music and how to get the kids involved.